Monday, 23 May 2016

How To Clear A Blockage Using A Rod

You can hire a large rodding auger that can help you can reach into the depths of the pipework. This is a flexible rod which can be pushed through the pipework to help clear any blockages. At the top of the rod there is a mechanism you can use to turn the claw at the end and this can help dislodge any items or blockages from the pipework.

If this fails to clear the blockage, then it must be further along in the soil pipe or in the drain run. We have local drainage plumbers who specialise in clearing this type of blockage so if you need an emergency Plumbers Glasgow Southside area or throughout Scotland see our contact details on our website.

Some prevention tips would be to ensure all wipes and non-degradable items are disposed of and not flushed down toilets.  Also, things like grease and oils should not be washed down sinks or toilets as these can solidify and cause major blockages.

For more information or to check if we cover your area go to Easi Plumb website.

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