Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How To Prevent A Burst Pipe This Winter

As the summer months draw to a close, we’ll be gearing up to repairing scores of burst pipes across the region this winter. A burst pipe can cause significant damage to a property, especially if it occurs when you are away from home. However, there are ways you can prevent pipes from bursting and ruining your day.

Avoiding Frozen And Burst Pipes

There are many things you can do to prevent a burst pipe in the home, and it all comes down to a little maintenance and due diligence.

 ● Apply insulation to your pipes and water tank. You can pick up good quality lagging materials in your local DIY centre. We can also do this for you.
 ● Insulation should be applied to areas that get cold or where there is no heating. For example, your loft space can get very cold in the winter, and garages are also susceptible to the cold.
 ● Repair any faulty or dripping taps in your property. The smallest trickle or drip can cause your pipes to freeze. Make sure taps are turned off properly after each use.
 ● Do you know where your stopcock is? Most are found under the kitchen sink, and can be operated by turning the valve in a clockwise direction. If you do suffer a burst pipe, switching the water off will prevent water from pouring from the faulty pipe.
 ● Have your boiler serviced on a regular basis. This is also something our emergency plumbers Glasgow can assist with.
 ● If you have draughts entering your property in colder areas such as your loft or garage, try to insulate these areas to keep them warmer when the temperature outside drops.
 ● It can be a good idea, if you have one, to open the loft hatch to let warm air from below rise into the loft space.
 ● If you are going to be away from home, set the heating on a low setting, or ask a neighbour to check your property on a regular basis.

What To Do If A Pipe Freezes

If you suspect you do have a frozen pipe, there are things you can do to rectify the situation before the pipe bursts. First, turn off the water supply with the stopcock, and then attempt to thaw out the pipe with hot water bottles or a towel that has been soaked in hot water. You could also use a hairdryer, but never use any naked flames.

Call Us If You Experience A Burst Pipe

If all else fails, and you still experience a burst pipe, it’s time to call in our experts. As a leading emergency plumber in Glasgow, you can trust us to give you fast and professional service wherever you are in the region. We don’t charge a callout fee and our prices are fixed.

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