Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How to Install a Velux Roof Window

If you are thinking of converting your attic space at home or the loft area into a fully functional room, then you are thinking of a good action to take. The thing is, this particular area at home normally does not have enough ventilation and lighting. This is why it is usually taken for granted by a lot of homeowners. The good news is, there is a great solution, and this is through the installation of roof windows. One excellent kind of roof window to choose is the Velux roof window.

When you already have decided on Velux windows, the next thing you need to face is the installation of these windows. In this regard, the following steps of installing Velux roof windows can greatly help:


While you’re still at the store that sells Velux roof windows, you must take time inspecting if the items have some scratches and some other imperfections before buying. When the items are finally delivered in your house, the very first thing to do is go over the window frames and take the sash away. The sash is placed there so that the windows will not be damaged easily.


To each every corner of the windows, you have to attach the brackets. In attaching, it is important to make sure that the brackets fit perfectly on the pre-cut grooves, and these should be facing into the direction that is recommended by the Velux dealers. The bracket’s flat side should be facing on top of the window.


In the four corners of the window, you must drill a hole. In starting the main cut, it is important to make use of the 1” drill bit or the ¾” drill bit.


With the help of the reciprocating saw, start cutting through the drilling holes. Since the Velux windows are abrasive enough, you need to prepare some blades to bend. Make sure not to cut the roof rafters.


In order to make sure that the window frames of Velux windows fit well, you must clean the cut and you can simply use the reciprocating saw in doing it.


On top of the rough opening, you should start removing the roofing material. In doing this, it is very important not to mess up with the order. Below the shingles, the underlayment should remain in good condition.


In order to see the sheeting, you should make the felt paper rolled back. This should be done after completely removing the roofing materials.


On the rough opening, you must assemble the window frame. You should then label the frame, and make sure to use shims on doing it.


Make sure that the measurement is in equal square shape. This can be done with the use of the measuring tapes. With the help of the brackets, you must attach the window frame.


Install the underlayment when the frame is already screwed in the right place and position. This is very helpful in blocking the ice and water that may stick on your roof.

Take note of these important steps in order to install Velux windows properly. After all, it is for the benefit of yourself and your family as well.

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