Thursday, 11 February 2016

How You Can Practically “Steal” Traffic From Competitors Via Ahrefs Tool

Online search engines are full of competition and comprehensive analysis of your competitors can help give you an edge. If you are to succeed with your online marketing then you have to follow what your competitors are doing, especially those who are doing better than you in the search rankings. This can open up a range of opportunities and can make the difference to your online presence. People who are new to SEO may think that this is a very high level task and the analysis may not help. However, you can basically steal ideas from your competitors and build on the work you have already done. But how can you do this? This is pretty simple. All you have to do is to get help from tools such as Ahrefs and you can begin to take traffic from your competitors. Here is how you can use it.


Keywords are the most important part of SEO for any website. The Ahrefs tool gives you access to a database showing you the most searched keywords for your website and industry. It also gives you a very clear view about the keywords that are driving the traffic for your competitors and you can even check the top keywords. However, now you have this information, you have to use this keyword insight to good effect by optimizing your website to benefit. Keyword optimization and maintaining the proper keyword density can help give you the traffic that your competitors are currently experiencing. This way you can openly steal the traffic of the top keywords from your competitors.


It is not only the keywords that make a difference to your SEO success. You may have used the same keywords but still your competitors are showing up ahead of you on the first page. This usually means that they have used some great Backlinks from high value websites to gain more authority. With Ahrefs, you have an opportunity to find out all the Backlinks that your competitors have and target some of these high value links for your website or blog. It helps you emulate the positive Backlinks of the various sites you have found, competitors and others. You can carry out comprehensive research on other competitors and use this analysis to your benefit. It can significantly boost your page rank and visitors with the help of the Ahrefs Backlinks tool. However, again this information does not mean that you automatically have an advantage, as you must implement the backlink process to acquire these links. Your competitors may be doing the same and trying to improve their website further. It is all about how efficiently and effectively you can optimize your SEO and use the Ahrefs tools to your advantage. However, if your competitor are not using them, thenyou have the advantage and opportunity to drive more visitors to your website.

With Online Marketing being so competitive however, poor choice of SEO techniques and implementationare the most common reasons for low rankings and traffic. You can always use the Ahrefs tools to help your research then you need to implement what you have learned. This will help you take traffic from your competitors and increase your websites ranking and authority by a considerable amount. 

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