Saturday, 7 January 2017

5 Reasons To Choose Solar Panels For Your Home

If you are considering solar panels in Aberdeen, there are many reasons to arrange installation. More and more homes across the UK are soaking up the sun’s rays thanks to the latest innovations in solar technology, and reaping the many benefits of greener energy. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these benefits and how you can start taking advantage of domestic solar energy.

1. To Be Kind To The Planet

Because solar panels require no fossil fuels and rely on the sun’s rays to energise them, they are kinder to the planet. By using renewable energy you can reduce your carbon footprint, use an energy source that releases no greenhouse gasses and which does not pollute or require water to generate energy.

2. You Save Money

We all want to save money on our household bills, and yet energy bills, no matter what we do, seem to be constantly on the rise. You could continue to switch providers, but the fact is that fossil fuels are running out and are getting more expensive. By generating your own energy through solar panels you can have a headstart on other households (those fossil fuels will run out, and sooner than you might think) and start enjoying cheaper energy.

3. You Can Make Money Too

Solar panels may be an expensive outlay, but they do pay for themselves in both energy savings and money you can make through the Feed-In-Tariff. When your solar panels are connected to the grid, you can make money on the energy you generate and send back to the grid, and go on earning for a guaranteed 15 years. Your solar panels will usually pay for themselves within 7-9 years, and anything you earn from the FIT after this is pure profit.

4. Low Maintenance

Once your solar panels are installed, you will almost forget they are there. There is very little maintenance involved with the system, and you’ll only require one professional check a year to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency. You should also check now and again that the panels are clean, but you can usually do this as a sight check from the road.

5. Think Of Future Generations

Environmental impact and climate change are problems we can solve now, and solar panels are just one way to tackle the problem. Addressing the problem with renewable energy solutions like solar panels is just one of the things we can do to preserve the planet for future generations.

At the Greener Energy Group, we are helping homeowners to reap the many benefits of solar panels in Aberdeen. Speak to us today to find out more about renewable energy.

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