Thursday, 26 January 2017

How Do Solar Panels Work?

If you’re considering solar panels in West Lothian, you may be wondering how they work. It’s a good question with an answer that is backed up by science and nature. You’re no doubt aware that solar energy comes from the sun, and that solar panels take that energy and convert it into power for the home, but how does that happen? Let’s take a look.

What Is A Solar Panel?

Solar power relies on solar panels, and vice versa. One would not exist without the other. These panels are rectangular and flat in appearance and have a number of components incorporated inside that are responsible for collecting solar energy. There are effectively two types of solar panel that are commonly used:

1.       Solar thermal collector - this panel absorbs solar energy from the sun’s rays and uses it to heat water and air.
2.      Photovoltaic module - this panel collects solar energy from the sun’s rays and converts it into electricity that can be used around the home.

Let’s Talk About PV

Photovoltaic module is quite a mouthful and so it is often abbreviated to PV. Photo refers to the sunlight the panel absorbs, and voltaic refers to the electrical energy that it converts to. As solar energy flows into the panel, it is converted and flows out again as usable electricity. The panel itself is made up of photovoltaic cells (these form the grid pattern that can be clearly seen on the panel). Each cell is connected electrically and then covered with a pane of glass which provides electrical insulation and also protects the cells from the elements. The size of the panel will depend on how much power is required by the property or appliance in question.

Is Solar Energy Right For Me?

If you are considering solar panels in West Lothian or any part of Scotland, there are many reasons to have them installed. Greener and free energy, a reduced carbon footprint and even earning money from the energy you don’t use are just some of the many benefits you can enjoy if you have solar panels installed. Why not speak to our solar energy experts today to find out more and to arrange a no obligation free quote to consider at your leisure? We’d be delighted to tell you all about the science and the savings you can make.

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