Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Why Switch From Storage Heaters To Electric Radiators?

Whether you live in a property where electricity is your only source of energy, or you are looking to replace your storage heaters with a more energy efficient and cost effective solution, German electric heating systems are a very wise choice.

There was a time when storage heaters were a very affordable and effective solution, able to ‘charge up’ on Economy 7 heating during the night, and then deliver the heat that had been stored during the day. However, while this concept may sound perfect, the reality was anything but for many homeowners. Most found that even though they were using cheaper electricity during the night, that their heaters would have run out of heat by the time the chilly evenings came around. What’s more, these storage heaters usually had very limited controls. As a result, many homeowners looked for a solution and made the switch to gas central heating. However, there are still many homeowners who still rely on this ineffective and expensive way of heating their homes, and the good news is that there is now a fantastic solution to the problem.

German Electric Heating Systems - The Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Wastage is a huge problem with traditional storage heaters with many churning out heat without any control of temperature. Electric radiators allow you to control the temperature of your radiators instantly and to your exact requirements. Whether you need high temperatures in the most lived in parts of the house, or you need to turn off radiators in areas you are not using, German electric heating systems give you this control.

Digitally controlled thermostats allow you to convert your electricity into heat in the most efficient way, allowing you to enjoy good quality heating at a more affordable price. German electric heating systems are also ultra-responsive and will regulate their heat perfectly according to your requirements.

Don’t Suffer With Your Storage Heaters - Make The Switch 

With their slimline and attractive design, digital thermostat, easy operation and quick installation, it is easy to see why so many UK homeowners are making the switch from storage heaters to electric radiators. You can choose to replace all of your storage heaters in one go, or break down the cost by installing radiators in your most used rooms. Make bedrooms cosier, living rooms warmer and add heating to bathrooms effortlessly. German electric heating systems give you the freedom to choose where you want your heating installed, and to say goodbye to storage heaters forever.

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